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Relevancy results below paid ads

SEO focusses on free, organic or relevancy results rankings

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Free relevancy results are below paid ads

SEO focusses on free, organic or relevancy results rankings

What is SEO

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO marketing is where an SEO Consultant optimises both 'on-page' and 'off-page' components of a web page with a view to having the page rank highly, ideally on the first page of search engine results, when a user on the Internet performs a search using Google or another major search engine (eg. Bing or Yahoo).

SEO specifically focusses on the free, organic or relevancy results rather than paid advertising results.

Organic, free or relevancy results appear below paid advertisements in Google search results pages (see image).

Relevancy results below paid ads

SEO focusses on free, organic or relevancy results rankings

SEO Strategy

Our strategy is based on using the 'long tail of search'.

We undertake keyword research to identify as many relevant keyword phrases as possible. As relevancy traffic is free, we cast the net as wide as possible to find as much opportunity as we can. (Remember, we're focussing on 'free traffic' here.)

Then, we determine where your web site currently ranks for each of these keyword phrases, and then 'optimise' existing content or create new content (we will require your input here) with a view to obtaining first page rankings for your web site for these terms.

We do report to you on keywords and rankings improvements, traffic and conversions (inquiries for lead genetration sites and sales for e-commerce sites).

The results

Using this strategy, we have helped many clients optimize their web sites and increase web site traffic and as a result, generate significant additional business from the internet. And we have done this for clients all around Australia, for lead generation and e-commerce sites and for local, national and international sales.

The two images below show statistics for two current clients where we have obtained hundreds of first page rankings and also top of page rankings in google.

Construction industry
Search engine optimisation results in many first page and top of page ranks in Google

273 top rankings in Google, 175 in Bing
1,021 first page rankings in Google, 824 in Bing

Consumer product
Search engine optimisation results in many first page and top of page ranks in Google search results

417 top rankings in Google, 303 in Bing
1,166 first page rankings in Google, 1,013 in Bing

Search Engine Optimisation benefits

If you can get good rankings for relevant keyword phrases, then any 'click thrus' or visitors to your web site are, unlike paid advertising or PPC Advertising (Pay Per Click Advertising), are free traffic.

And, whilst it can take some time to get good SEO rankings, they tend to be long lasting, meaning you can get the benefit of free traffic for some time, or at least until the next Google search algorithm update!

Why use us?

With over 20 years experience in the SEO consulting business in Australia, we have a proven track record of results.

We not only generate more business for our clients as a result of our SEO services, but also act as an online marketing consultant, introducing tactics and strategies to help promote their online business.

Whilst this is beyond typical SEO services, identifying and focussing on, for example, the key differentiators or competitive advantages for a business (which is often not well represented on a lot of web sites), when combined with SEO services, oftentimes results in being able to better 'zero in' on people who want exactly what the business has to offer. This means more business for our clients.

SEO Packages

Google's customers are people performing searches on the Internet. Google effectively does not 'trust' new or changed web sites, so will take some months to fully reflect changes in web site content in its public index.

As a result and given we throw the net as wide as possible in terms of finding as many relevant keyword phrases as possible, hundreds if not thousands in most cases, our packages are based on a minimum engagement of 6 months. And our packages start at a low $330 per month including GST (less than $2,000 incl. GST for a 6 month contract).

Of course, if you have a business with a large range of products, services or locations, it makes sense to look at a larger investment.

In our experience, over a 6 month contract, we can deliver great SEO results, generating incremental traffic and more leads or sales irrespective of your industry. We've done it before, so there's no reason we can't do it for you!

Ideally, we make you money, so you will want to continue to pay us for our services. It's a win-win.

So, why wait? If you want more business from the 'Net and want to work with a local Australian SEO expert or SEO specialist who speaks your language and has a proven track record of results, contact us today!

More information?

For more information regarding our SEO optimisation services (Search engine optimisation services), please feel free to call us on 0419 501 726, send an email to info at or use our contact form on our Contact page to send us an inquiry.

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