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Below you will find some testimonials from our clients. These reviews of SEO, Internet Marketing, Pay Per Click and Web Site Development services are unsolicited and verifiable.

The originals of these testimonials are held by us and available on request. We do not publish the names of our clients for privacy reasons.

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We are in this together! Your success = Our success

We hired Simon Biar of Ribon Internet Services to looks after our website and digital strategy/SEO.

Simon was quickly able to understand our business and has been easy to work with.

Since hiring Simon we have experienced zero website or email down time and he has increased customer traffic to our website from 100 to 2000 visitors to month over a few months. Furthermore the number of customer inquiries has greatly increased resulting in more business for us.

I would recommend Simon to anyone with a website.

Director, Scent Company

We are in this together! Your success = Our success

The website is exactly what we wanted (... professional in appearance, still quick and easy to use and very helpful). Most importantly, the website, together with your extensive knowledge of how best to use google and other search engines has generated so much business for us that it has paid for itself many times over!

GM, Conveyancing

We are in this together! Your success = Our success

As an open source developer for the past 10 years, I am very familiar with web technologies, so I knew what I was looking for when I met Simon. In addition to him delivering on everything he said he would prior to the timeline, he gave much more which is refreshing.

MD, Fitness

We are in this together! Your success = Our success

Simon Biar ... has been a great asset to our company since taking over the whole of our Internet Global operation. His personal work has been of Great Profit to us since taking his advice and Direction. We have advanced our takings by 300% since commencement of working with him.
I can highly recommend his work and input to Business.

Director, Garden Products (International)

We are in this together! Your success = Our success

For over five years, Ribon has kept us in the top three positions on Google, Ninemsn and Yahoo – most of the time in the No 1 position. It is impossible to put a dollar value on what being first on Google is worth to our business, but with Ribon’s help, we have generally run at close to 100% occupancy, year upon year.  Thank you Simon, you are a business asset for us.

GM, Serviced Offices

We are in this together! Your success = Our success

... we certainly appreciate the work you do with our SEO. During the week I got a marketing call from 'Get More Traffic' they were most impressed that we have to turn AdWords off because we can't cope with the amount of work we get. It's not a common problem apparently.

GM, Buyers Agents, Melbourne

We are in this together! Your success = Our success

Many thanks for your SEO work on our website.

Your ability to lift our website and our other related domains, right up the Google and other search engine scales without us spending one cent on Google advertising, has been quite astonishing.

Our enquiry calls and emails via our Adobe on site forms have multiplied out of site.

GM, Conference Communication

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