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SEO Web site Audit Report Summary example

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SEO Audit report example

Web site SEO Audit Report Summary example


The purpose of the Web Site Audit Report or SEO Audit Report is to identify if your web site has structural issues which are effecting your ability to obtain high rankings in the Search Engine result pages (SERPs). If your web site structure is preventing you from ranking highly in SERPs, this will also have an impact on your ability to attract propects to your web site and generate leads or sales.

The Web Site Audit Report will tell you, for example:

  • Is your web site 'mobile-friendly'? Mobile traffic is now over 50% of all traffic for some industries and if you're web site is not 'mobile-friendly' you'll be missing out on that opportunity.
  • Do you have 'broken links', 'broken images' or pages that are 'not found'? This is considered by Google to be a poor user experience & will effect your rankings.
  • Have you included page 'titles' and 'meta' tags? These are important as they significantly effect both your rankings and 'click thru rates' from Search Engine results page.
  • ... and more!

SEO Audit Report Request Form

Below you will find the form to request your Free Web Site Audit Report or Free SEO Audit Report.

Once we receive your request, the Web Site SEO Audit report will be generated and sent to you within 24 hours (Melbourne Australia business hours).

You wil be under no obligation & whilst we will send you an email with the report results & possibly some additional suggestions for improvement, we will not contact you any further unless you request us to do so.

Sample report output

Web site SEO Audit Report Summary example

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