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Avoid TPP Wholesale

Simon Biar - Thursday, March 01, 2018

I was orignally a reseller of domain name registration and basic hosting with Ilisys. This company was taken over by UBER Global and then they sold the business to TPP Wholesale and transferred all my clients domains and hosting.

It has been an unmitigated disaster.

Netregistry use the same infrastructure as TPP Wholesale, both technology and support. And I believe this is also the case for Melbourne IT.

Emails blocked due to SPAM - ezreg.com

One of the first issues my clients had was that after the move, suddenly emails started to get blocked. Not ideal!

Turns out that TPP Wholesale use an SMTP mail server with the address 'ezreg.com'. For whatever reason, this SMTP server is used by spammers. I have my suspicions, but it is not relevant here.

Bottom line is that a bunch of my clients using this platform for email, started to have problems with email. We tracked it down to the fact that major ISPs like Telstra would 'block' emails using 'ezreg.com' as SMTP or mail server.

I don't believe this would be an acceptable situation for any online business.

Unnaceptable Support

Ive been in the IT industry for over 45 years and have never experienced such terrible support.

Firstly, you're lucky if you get a response on online support chat or via telephone within 30 minutes. And then when you do get thru, there is a serious lack of expertise meaning that it may take 6-10 contacts to actually get a problem resolved.

The number of times I have been told information that is just plain wrong is astounding.

And there is simply no 'ownership'. The number of times I've literally spent hours working with their support to resolve simple issues (like setting up basic hosting!!!) and at the end of the hour or so contact(s) I've been told, 'oh, there seems to be a problem. I will have to escalate it.' ... and you just never get a response.

Trying to use their products has simply cost me days and days of my time that I simply cannot recover.


Do not use TPP Wholesale. Literally anyone else would be a better option.