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SEO and PPC for lead generation and outright sales

Enviromower:Multi-currency business-to-consumer e-commerce web site. SEO, PPC Advertising services

Battery Lawnmowers: SEO, PPC, B2C E-Commerce

Enviromover was one of our early clients. They wanted to sell their battery operated lawnmower to clients in Australia, New Zealand and the UK and Europe.

We developed a multi-currency (AUD, NZD, UKP, EUR) business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce web site with a real-time credit card payment gateway (to take credit card payments in real-time). We undertook keyword research to find their online market, performed SEO, set up Adwords campaigns to target the various geographies and executed email marketing campaigns.

Within a short period of time, Enviromower were generating over $10,000 per month in online sales.

They were ultimately so successful that the company was purchased by Victa Mowers.

Scent Marketing: SEO, PPC, B2B & B2C, Responsive Web Site

Scent Marketing: Web site development, SEO, Adwords pay per click Advertising, ...

This scent marketing company was formed by two young and energetic guys and they needed growth, fast!

We developed a web site from a graphic designers specifications, undertook keyword research, performed SEO and set up an Adwords PPC Marketing campaign.

As you can see from the graph above, we were able to drive over 400 visitors per day to their online business within 12 months.

Subsequently, we have undetaken a redevelopment of the site to make it responsive (suitable for viewing on a mobile device) and implemented Google Adwords Remarketing campaigns.

P.S. This relationship has continued for a few years and the cleint has tried other developers and off shore suppliers for various projects. In each case the results have been far less than satisfactory and the client has returned time and time again to utilise our services.

More to come soon!

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