Keyword research finds your internet market

Keyword research

Keyword research is in essence, finding your online markets. Ie. 'What terms are people using to search online that closely relate to what you have to sell'?

Armed with that information you can then work to attract new prospects and clients to your online business by developing unique and useful content which has been optimised for the identified keyword phrases and possibly supported with paid advertising campaigns.


In the 'old days' we used the Yellow Pages to find someone to sell us products and/or services.

These days, everyone uses Google (or similar) to search for a supplier. Thats why 'Google' is now in the dictionary as it is synonymous with search in todays society.

Fundamentally, keyword research is the process of researching and finding the 'long tail' keyword phrases your prospects are using to look for your products or services online. 'Long tail' keywords phrases are highly valuable as they are less competitive and typically deliver a higher ROI (Return on Investment) due to the likelihood that the user is closer to the point of being 'ready to purchase' when using far more detailed search criteria online.


We get you to 'brainstorm' the keyword phrases you think you customers may enter into Google when searching for your:

  • products & brands;
  • services;
  • perceived problems; and
  • perceived solutions (as appropriate).

We then produce as output, groupings of related beyword phrases that people are entering into Google to search. You then review the output to make sure we have accurately represented your business, products & services.

How many keyword phrases?

This is where most people get it wrong.

The goal of Keyword Research is to 'throw the net as wide as possible', as we are looking for your market.

Think about a driving range where they also offer golf lessons. How many keyword phrases could you come up with that people might use to search for what they offer? 10, 50, 100?

Would it surprise you to know that we track nearly 2,000 keyword phrases for such a client!

We oftentimes see our competitors offer SEO packages with 5, 10 or 50 keyword phrases. We think they just don't understand how to succeed with SEO online. And if they ask you to nominate the keywords you want to rank for, they definitely havent got it right!

What then?

The first step is to generate a Search Engine Ranking Baseline Ranking Assessment or Report. You need to know where you rank now, and as work proceeds.

Armed with this information & the groupings of related, relevant keyword phrases, we can then begin the process of building unqiue content pages where we undertake search engine optimisation with a view to obtaining first page rankings and attracting qualified traffic (ie. people who want to buy what you have to sell) to your online business.

A natural byproduct of this process is that it results in the production of 'customer focussed' content ... ie. content based on what your customers want.

How much?

Every business is different and as a result, the cost of Keyword Research does vary.

To perform Keyword Research for a company with one product or service, is less time consuming that for a company with many products and services. There is simply more to investigate.

Thus, we can really only provide an estimate of costs for Keyword Research services when we have a better undestanding of your business.

However, for a small to medium business with less than 20 major products, we would estimate that the cost would be of the order of $600 ex GST.

PLEASE NOTE: This is only an estimate and would be confirmed prior to commencing any keyword phrase research work.

More information?

If you would like more information regarding our keyword research or other services, please feel free to call us on 0419 501 726, send an email to info at or use our contact form on our Contact page to send us an inquiry.

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